HSC NI Fostering

We work alongside all five HSC Trusts to find new foster carers from churches across Northern Ireland.

At least 300 more foster families are needed in Northern Ireland. At Home for Good, we believe the Church is well placed to provide new foster carers and to ensure these carers are well supported within their church communities.

Home for Good has a commissioning agreement with HSC NI Fostering, which brings together all five Health and Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland in a shared, regional approach to fostering recruitment and retention. The focus of the agreement is Home for Good’s Northern Ireland-wide ‘digital and journeying offer’ but the partnership has helped Home for Good develop strong, collaborative relationships with each Trust:

  • Belfast HSC Trust
  • Northern HSC Trust
  • South Eastern HSC Trust
  • Southern HSC Trust*
  • Western HSC Trust

*Home for Good also has a separate, specific commissioning agreement with the Southern HSC Trust, which includes in-person outreach activities within the Southern Trust area.

Those who want to find out more about fostering or adoption with the HSC Trusts in Northern Ireland should visit the HSC NI Adoption & Foster Care website or call 0800 0720 137.

HSC Northern Ireland Fostering
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Why we’d recommend fostering with the HSC Trusts in Northern Ireland:

There is an established, positive partnership between Home for Good and all five HSC Trusts characterised by strong collaboration, shared learning and mutual support.
Home for Good has a voice in to the recruitment and retention approaches and activities of HSC NI Fostering – we have a shared commitment to improving the fostering services within each Trust.
The Trusts recognise the potential of local churches and Christian individuals to play an active role in providing and sustaining foster placements – and they are working with Home for Good to grow stronger connections with churches across Northern Ireland.

For further information on our relationship with HSC NI Fostering, contact our Northern Ireland Lead, Roger Cooke: [email protected].

We would encourage anyone who is keen to explore fostering, adoption or supported lodgings in Northern Ireland to connect with the Home for Good enquiry team. They can answer questions, offer advice and walk with you on this journey. Our team has a great relationship with the Southern Trust – and with the other HSC Trusts in Northern Ireland – and can help connect you in with the relevant Trust if and when appropriate. Get in touch with our Enquiry Team.

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