Advocating for Change

Home for Good seeks to both influence and deliver change in order to achieve our vision of finding a home for every child who needs one. We advocate because we recognise there are some challenges to achieving this vision that can only be unlocked at a political or systemic level.

We seek to take a hopeful, innovative and solutions-focused approach in our advocacy and influencing work and aim to not only call for change but to also show how that change can be achieved. In all we do, we are committed to amplifying the voices of children and young people with direct experience of the care system, always seeking to place their voices and interests at the heart of our work.

Our vision is of a care system where children are thriving within homes that are havens and where every child and young person has a tribe or family by their side at all times.

We set about achieving this vision by:


Gathering evidence about what is and is not working through conducting and commissioning research.


Raising awareness of barriers and solutions by speaking in the media.


Engaging and partnering with those in positions of influence to enact change. This includes governments, parliamentarians and other decision-makers.

Find out more about how this vision and approach translates into action by exploring our work through the links below.


We have published a number of compelling reports that focus on particular challenges or solutions for children and young people. Take a read below, and for the full list of our reports, click here.

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