Change His Future


Black boys wait longer to be adopted.

Together we can #ChangeHisFuture.


We know that Black children are disproportionately represented in our care system. While Black children make up 5% of the general population, they make up 7% of the looked after children population (1), and Black children are then less likely to go on to be adopted and wait longer to find their adoptive family. Only 2% of Black children in care go on to be adopted and the number of Black children who were adopted between 2015 and 2019 went down by 50% (2).


  1. Department for Education. 2020. Children looked after in England including adoptions.
  2. Department for Education. 2020. Adopted and Looked-after Children.


of Black children in care go on to be adopted

Home for Good wants to find an adoptive home for every child waiting, but particularly those who wait the longest. Will you help us? There are many ways that you can play your part to #ChangeHisFuture.

We know that not everyone is in a position to adopt, but you can still make a difference. Sign up below to receive email updates from us about #ChangeHisFuture and consider whether you could be part of raising awareness of the campaign in your church or workplace.

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The #ChangeHisFuture campaign is part of the umbrella campaign #YouCanAdopt led by the NAW Steering Group and funded by the Department for Education. Find out more and see the full list of agencies involved here.

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