Children’s Social Care Review in England

Together we can achieve change for children

The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care in England was announced by the Department for Education on Friday 15 January 2021. Hailed as a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reform services and systems, the Review intends to be broad and bold and to examine the entirety of children’s social care services, thus extending to any child with a social worker, not just children in care.

Our vision is of a care system where children are thriving within homes that are havens and where every child always has a family by their side. Below is a timeline documenting some of our advocacy work seeking to achieve this vision through engaging with the review.

April 2021

It was a busy month for our team! We co-launched a report with PricewaterhouseCoopers designed to shape the thinking of the Review by providing some economic analysis of the care system. The report considers the disparity between the high fiscal investment made and the reality that too many children and young people who enter the care system do not go on to flourish in life. It calls for a society-wide approach to ensuring that our vulnerable children can thrive and makes a number of recommendations as to what changes are needed to bring about better outcomes for children.

We made a submission to the Review’s Call for Evidence highlighting current gaps in research around the children’s social care system. We also made a submission to the Education Select Committee who are conducting an inquiry into Children’s Homes in England. Our brilliant care-experienced advisory group met for the fourth time.

Finally, the APPG for Adoption and Permanence (which Home for Good provides joint-secretariat for) launched a new inquiry this month into how stability can be ensured for children journeying from the care system into adoption and as part of an adoptive family. This inquiry will feed directly into the review.

March 2021

On 1 March, the review officially started and the first official document from the review was published, outlining the Chair’s ‘Early Thoughts’ about the direction of travel for the review and his priorities in taking the Terms of Reference forward.

We were delighted to see a specific section in the document outlining the review’s commitment to addressing racial disparities, in direct response to the Open Letter convened by Home for Good.

We met with the independent Chair of the Review, Josh MacAlister in early March to talk about how the review can go about tackling racial disparities and our shared ambition to see the care system equip children and young people with a family by their side beyond the age of 18.

February 2021

We received a letter from Gavin Williamson MP, which you can view here. We could not have done this without you and are so grateful - the strength of support behind the letter from across the country was inspiring!

We made a submission to the Call for Advice, following a consultation with our care-experienced advisory group highlighting some of the most important questions we think the review needs to consider.

January 2021

The Children’s Social Care Review was launched!

We published our initial response to the publication of the Terms of Reference and the announcement of the Chair, Josh MacAlister.

We wrote a letter to Josh welcoming him to his post and offering our support to ensure this review keeps children at the centre.

We established our care-experienced advisory group who will meet for the duration of the review.

December 2020

We posted our Open Letter to the Secretary of State for Education which received the support of over 1500 individuals, including an additional 70 churches who signed on behalf of their congregations, representing an additional 24,000 people.

November 2020

We launched our Open Letter calling on the Government to tackle racial disparity as part of the upcoming care review. With Black children overrepresented in the care system but underrepresented in adoption, we urged the Government to seize the upcoming once-in-a-generation opportunity to consider and address racial disparity existing right across the social care system. You can view the letter here.

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