Finding homes for children and Supported Lodgings for young people in Barnet

Barnet Fostering Service is responsible for recruitment and support to Fostering households and Supported Lodging Hosts. Sometimes children are not able to live at home with their birth families, so Barnet need families who can provide stability, care and support to the children and young people.

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Barnet Foster Carer

The Need

Barnet has continued to have a stable number of children coming into care with 335 children in care on 31st March 2023. Although the numbers have stayed stable, the cohort has changed over time with an increasing number of Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children, vulnerable adolescents and sibling groups. The rising cost of living and the coronavirus pandemic greatly impacted fostering and the ability to recruit sufficient numbers of fostering households to meet the needs of children.

Currently, many children who cannot remain with their birth family are being placed far away from their homes, schools and local communities. Additionally, there is an increasing need for young people to be better prepared for the challenges of adulthood. Therefore, Supported Lodgings hosts who are able to offer guidance and support to prepare them for independence will be essential in enabling young people to thrive and become successful functioning adults.

Why we recommend Barnet London Borough

Home for Good has established a strong and trustworthy partnership with Barnet Council. We believe Barnet is committed to developing stronger ties with our church communities throughout Barnet. Home For Good will provide a member of their staff to work closely with the church communities in Barnet and therefore will be available to talk through and guide people who may be interested in becoming Foster carers or Supported Lodgings Hosts.
Barnet works in partnership with local schools, health, voluntary and council services to ensure the best all-around support is offered to the children and their carers. We offer comprehensive training and support to our Fostering Households and Supported Lodgings Hosts so they are equipped to undertake the task. We believe that the local churches in Barnet can continue to make a transformational difference.

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Barnet Fostering need foster carers who can look after:

  • Children and Teenagers, from birth to 18 years old.
  • Sibling Groups, keep siblings together to make sure they don't have to face losing the bond they have with their brothers and sisters.
  • Children with complex needs
  • Older Young People (16-25) through Supported Lodgings, helping them to become independent, confident young adults

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Child Profile

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