3 years old

Could you provide Jacob with a home for good?

Jacob is a very gentle little boy, who is happy and calm in his familiar surroundings and he has a very good relationship with his foster carer and their family. He giggles and ‘sings’ when he becomes excited and he loves to play with his toys. Jacob loves being tickled and he will take his carers hand to indicate that he would like her to do it again, he also likes to hold his carers hand and walk from one room to another in the house.

All about Jacob

Jacob, who is chronologically 3 years old but developmentally at 12 months of age, has a lovely smile and his giggles are infectious to watch.
In terms of what Jacob likes and his development, this can change from week to week, sometimes leaps and bounds and sometimes small steps, but every day he grows, his personality and ability grows a little too.

Jacob loves to spend time in his sensory room at home and loves to look at the lights.

At home, Jacob likes to watch TV and his favourite programmes are Mr Tumble, Peppa Pig and Twirly Woos. When playing, Jacob likes to concentrate on an activity for short periods, he will stack bricks, with the carers help, and then enjoy knocking them down again too.

Jacob has also just started to use shape sorters, he loves to know how his toys work and he will examine a specific toy to see how it works.

Jacob enjoys watching his carer blow bubbles, showing his delight with a huge smile and lots of giggles!

Recently, Jacob joined in with his foster family washing the family car. He copied what his foster carer did with the sponge, dipping in the water and washing the car. This is a huge step forward for Jacob as he normally likes to play alone but actively wanted to take part in this group activity and learned by copying.

Jacob also recently drew his first picture which was a milestone for him. In a recent paediatrician assessment, he scored highly in the areas of gross and fine motor skills in line with his developmental age of 12 months,

Jacob has started to enjoy playing with water and will direct this play himself by getting a stool so he can reach the kitchen sink.

Jacob has developed a love for climbing and he also enjoys sitting in elevated places. Jacob has no danger awareness.

Jacob learned to walk much earlier than some health professionals anticipated and he can now run and has just learnt to navigate walking up the stairs at home however he still needs support going down the stairs.

Jacob will sit and listen to a story (although he does not understand the words), he likes flicking the pages of the book and he can take the carers finger and point it to a letter.

Jacob does not like cuddles from his foster carer although he will allow her to kiss him.

Jacob appears to be enjoying bath time much more and he will now grab a sponge and throw it into the water, he takes delight in the sound and touch of the water splashing.

He is still not a fan of having his hair washed, like most children his age; his carer has a gentle and playful approach to help at bath time.

Jacob is a sensitive child who experiences his world through sensory interactions he reacts to noise, sound, touch and smell in both a negative and positive manner. He has a sensory tent which he seeks out by himself or with the help of his carer when he is emotionally unsettled instead of struggling to cope or something has distressed him.

Jacob is a very good sleeper going to bed at 7:30pm and waking at 7:00am. However, there are occasions that if he has a longer nap in the day, he can be awake until quite late.

Jacob is not a particularly good eater and he has a very limited diet. Having said that, he loves chocolate (what toddler doesn’t!) and has a taste for a wide variety of fruit including apples, oranges and pears. Recently, he climbed to the table and got himself an apple which was a significant development for Jacob.

Jacob cannot use a knife, fork or spoon yet and allows his foster carer to feed him, he is able to feed himself with finger foods. He can be very strong willed and if he doesn’t like something that is presented to him, he will let his carer know!

There are moments of joy with Jacob when he smiles and laughs when he is being tickled, so there is some emotional reward for caring for Jacob.

Jacob has a very high level of need and currently relies on his carer to have all of his needs met. Jacob’s current foster carer, who is a single female carer, has had to adapt her life around Jacob’s needs.

Jacob’s Health Needs

Jacob has been assessed as operating as a much younger child than his age, he has global development delay and has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Jacob has made some progress in terms of his development, particularly his physical skills in walking and gross motor skills in line with his developmental age.

Jacob’s full health needs will be discussed with any potential family.

Jacob needs object of reference to become familiar with words. Jacob has no language skills at present but he can now understand the meaning of the following words; nappy bath, sink, coat on and keys for the car. This has been achieved by Jacob’s own cognitive functioning and lots of hard work from his foster carer repeating the same words over and over again.

What's important to Jacob?

A calm and quiet environment with familiar people and objects to make him feel comfortable and settled

Consistency and routine. Jacob struggles with any change to his routine. Currently, he does not really like going out of his home environment but he is learning with his carer to manage car journeys outside the home however Jacob does prefer to be at home with his toys.

A quiet home. His foster carer says that Jacob does not like loud noise and anything that adults take for granted such as using the lawnmower, blender, vacuum and hairdryer will trigger Jacob and he can become really distressed. Jacob is very sensitive to different textures and his foster carer has to be careful with the type of material his clothes are made from.

We are looking for a family who have or who are willing to develop the following skills & qualities:

  • Able to accept Jacob for who he is, his emerging personality, developments and changing likes and dislikes and to manage uncertainty in future development.
  • A one or two parent family.
  • Jacob’s future family must be able to nurture and care for Jacob until adulthood and beyond, and help develop his ability to anticipate actions and activities and be able to request these using some form of communication system.
  • You will be there to help nurture and be patient in helping Jacob explore new experiences and environments.
  • A family who has child care experience in their personal or professional life, notably, children with additional needs would be advantageous.
  • Willing to acquire the skills and knowledge to care for Jacob.

Anyone wishing to care for Jacob will need lots of love, patience, compassion and kindness.

Jacob will need a sensitive carer who can understand the world in which he lives.

You do not need to be an approved adopter to enquire about Jacob. We will offer full training and ongoing support, including possible financial support, to any family approved for Jacob.

To find out more about Jacob contact the Bespoke Family Finding Service via email: [email protected]findingservice.org or complete the online form here or contact the service on: 0300 123 1066 quoting your interest in ‘Jacob’

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