Charlotte and Jessica

3 year old twins

Could you provide Charlotte and Jessica with a home for good?

Charlotte and Jessica are twin girls who are three years old. They are happy and playful, particularly enjoying messy play, stories, drawing and splashing in the bath. They also both love being outside and playing in the garden. They are sociable girls, who interact well with each other and also enjoy getting out and about and meeting new people.

Charlotte and Jessica are very affectionate and love to have cuddles with their foster carer. They both attend playgroup and go to trampolining and soft play sessions.

All about Charlotte and Jessica

Charlotte and Jessica are identical twins who were born 13 weeks prematurely to parents who did not know they were pregnant. Both girls were poorly when they were born and had a difficult start to life. They have lived with the same foster carer since leaving hospital and have a very loving relationship with her in a happy home. Both girls’ general health is good.

Both Charlotte and Jessica have a visual impairment but are happy to wear their lovely pink glasses. Their exact level of vision will be easier to assess as they get older but both are managing well with their glasses and can see to look at books, colour and people.

Both girls have global developmental delay but are making progress every day. They are able to understand, communicate and they talk in one or two word sentences. The plan is that they will go to mainstream school with an assessment of the support that they will need to help them to flourish.

Charlotte is walking and loves to play on her slide in the garden. Jessica has cerebral palsy and at the moment gets about by crawling commando style and is very determined in getting where she wants to go.


Charlotte and Jessica are two beautiful little girls. Both are funny, loving and very chatty who love playing with all sorts.

Lesley, Foster Carer

An ideal family for Charlotte and Jessica would be:

  • People who have lots of love and patience and have a strong support network who can offer practical and emotional.
  • Able to offer a nurturing, calm and loving environment to enable Jessica and Charlotte to develop new attachment bonds and to meet their emotional needs.

  • Have the time and energy to provide appropriate stimulation for them to develop.

  • Comfortable with their health needs and accepting of the girls’ uncertain health and developmental needs.

  • Able to support any special needs education.

  • Open to working alongside educational and health professionals to help the girls reach their full potential.

You do not need to be an approved adopter to enquire about Charlotte and Jessica.

To find out more about Charlotte and Jessica, email: [email protected] or call PACT 0300 456 4800.

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