Help at-risk children in the London Borough of Bexley

Help us find 20 new foster carers in the London Borough of Bexley

This year alone, the London Borough of Bexley needs 20 new foster carers to be able to meet the needs of the 220 children in the care of the local authority.

Many of these children will have experienced neglect or abuse, all have experienced the trauma of being separated from their families. Each of them deserve the stability and care of the right foster family, and the right setting where they can be encouraged to thrive.   

We know that the need in Bexley is mirrored all over the UK with around 8600 new fostering households needed to meet the national shortage of carers. Sector leaders are predicting that this situation will only worsen due to the coronavirus pandemic; in some parts of the UK referrals to children’s services have already exceeded pre-pandemic levels. Meanwhile, fewer people are stepping forward to become foster carers. Children who have experienced huge loss are in need of safe, stable and loving homes, and there are not enough families to meet the need.

Home for Good are pleased to be working with the London Borough of Bexley to find 20 new foster carers, as we work to see our vision of a home for every child who needs one become our reality.

There are lots of reasons why someone might rule themselves out as a foster care, such as due to unemployment, being single, or not owning their home. But none of these factors mean that someone cannot foster. Together with the London Borough of Bexley we believe that within church communities in the borough there are amazing families and individuals who will be able to offer the caring and loving homes that these children need.

Maybe that’s you? We would love to start the conversation with you to see if fostering is for you. Complete the form below and a member of the Home for Good team will be in touch. You can also visit our events page sign up to join an upcoming information event.

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Children in need of foster care come from a diverse range of backgrounds, communities, ethnicities and are of all ages so it is important that we do all we can to reach a diverse range of carers to look after them including those of all faiths and none. I’m really pleased that our Fostering Team will be working with Home for Good as part of their recruitment work. We know that church communities can provide a great support network to fostering families and would encourage all church-goers across the borough to ask themselves if they could offer a home to a child in need and get in touch with Home for Good or our own Fostering Team.

Cllr Philip Read, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services

As a foster carer myself, I know that what we are asking people to step into is no small task but I also know that we can make a huge difference in the lives of children by welcoming them into our homes and caring for them for as long as they need us to.

James, foster carer

Foster carers play such a vital and amazing role in caring for our vulnerable children and I am so grateful for the way in which they have continued to do so during the Coronavirus pandemic. For all those considering whether they could welcome a child into their home through fostering, I would urge them to get in touch with Home for Good to ensure that every child in Bexley can find a safe and loving home.

Abena Oppong-Asare, MP for Erith and Thamesmead

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