The Sizers

The Sizers


I felt nervous and excited when I found out we were adopting. I mostly looked forward to having another sibling but I was worried about him being noisy at night time.

When I first saw him I thought he was small and cute. The first day he yelled "HIYA!" and then started wrestling with me.

The best bits are he is a boy and likes the same games as me and he copies me. He's very nice and my best bit is he gives me cuddles and kisses.

Worst bits are when he hits me and when he has to be told off by mummy and daddy.


When I first heard we were adopting I was thrilled! I love having my baby brother. It took three and a half years to adopt but when we got him it was worth it.

I 100% love everything about him. I love playing games going to the park and big cuddles with him. 

He does have crying moments, which can be really hard, and he does try to steal my phone and ninja toy, but he is an awesome brother who I love. 

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