Church Leaders

How can I support the foster and adoptive families in my church?

We are delighted that you are asking this question! Churches are in a great position to be able to offer support to families that foster and adopt, but often they don’t, because they’re not sure where to begin. That’s why Care for the Family and Home for Good have produced a booklet designed to help churches better understand the issues faced by families that foster or adopt. It is packed full of practical ideas of how you can support them. Order your copy now!

What if I encourage people in my church to foster and adopt and they have a negative experience?

Fostering and adoption can be very challenging and the children that require fostering and adoption can have a range of complex issues. However, if the children of God won’t step forward to take care of these children, who should we expect to do so? This is why is so important that the wider church wraps around families that foster and adopt to offer essential support. This is also why the assessment process is so rigorous – social workers know from experience what they should be looking out for as they decide whether someone is suitable to adopt or foster.    

The Sizers

Damion and Anya adopted in 2013. Their eldest two, Hope and Barney, describe what it was like welcoming a new little brother.

Graham and Sarah

Graham and Sarah have seen hope and restoration in the lives of the children they have cared for in long-term, short-term and emergency placements.

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